Do you Know, You Can Earn as Much as $20,000 a Month while Broadcasting your Live Webcam at Here’s How…


If you are a long-term user of the site, you’ll probably know why we have thousands of young and beautiful women willing to show their hot and sexy bodies live via webcam, FREE of charge! That’s right, money!

How come there’s money when it’s Free?

We have tokens for sale on the site and believe it or not there are thousands of guys who are willing to spend thousands of dollars a month on tokens, which they will then use to give to the girls, who will then get 50% commissions on the tokens spent!  All you have  to do is turn On your webcam entertain your viewers, make sure they are satisfied and they will definitely give back and start putting in tokens into your pocket.


A single token is valued $.10. So, if you are given 1 token, you will receive 50% commission which is 5 cents. Our top models are earning an average of $20,000/month or an equivalent of 400,000 tokens/month!

How do I Start Earning Money?

  1. First you need to have an account. You can have one by registering an account here.
  2. Once you’re done with the registration process. You may now login here.
  3. You need to provide proof of identification to verify your age. You may do so here.
  4. Once verified, you can now start broadcasting your webcam ( Look for the broadcast button at the top navigation bar ). You will be amazed how easy it is to make big bucks while having fun with your viewers all at the same time.


Payments are made every 15 days on or before the 22nd and 7th day of the month. You may choose any payment method of your choice. Either by wire transfer, check or through paxum. Please check your profile page for more information.

Well, that’s it good luck!

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